H-NP: 7,777 Humanized Twins for Neural Pepe

The Republic of Kekistan has been seriously shattered by the pandemic caused by a Kekvid-19 virus which leaked out of the Cyclops Institute of Virology. The whole country had to undergo a series of lockdowns, quarantines and restricted travel. That’s had a negative impact on not only Republic’s economy, but also mental health of its citizens. Neural Pepe are both mentally and financially dependent on human frens and tourists who visit the country all year round. Locked at their homes and devoid of human interaction, lots of green frens started feeling depressed the latest study has shown.

Pepe the Great, the King of Kekistan had asked Dr. Pepenstein, the Merited Scientist of Kekistan, to find a remedy for Neural Pepe’s solitude. Of course, Dr, Pepenstein has found one! It costed him several sleepless nights and kilograms of wasted human and frog biomaterials, but finally he’d done the impossible — merge the neural frog and human DNA and created a yet unseen creature — Humanized Pepe!

From now on every Neural Pepe can get a human-like clone for a fee as small as 500 $AI! No more loneliness! Only lots of love and frenship!

How Humanized Pepe were created

We used 2 StyleGAN models: one trained on Neural Pepe another trained on human faces. Then, using substitution of 32x32 layers we created a third model which is capable of generating humanized Pepe.

From Neural Pepe to Human Pepe

However, this model was only capable of generating absolutely new human Pepe and not humanizing existing NPs. So, we had to generate images sharing the same seed in pairs : first with neural Pepe, another with humanized Pepe. Then, we manually sorted out all defective results and kept around 20,000 of good quality pairs. These pairs were used to educate a Pix2Pix GAN which specializes in Image-to-Image translation (style transfer).

Pix2PIx work example

Humanization Campaign Guide

📅 Humanization campaign start: February, 2nd (time TBA)

💲 Price: 500 $AI till 21st of February and 1000 $AI forever after

As every Neural Pepe has only one Human twin, you need to posses the original Neural Pepe in order to mint the humanized version.

The coolest thing about H-NP is that they’re going to have their own rarity system, so even the most basic NP has chances to get a super rare twin! What’s more, every Humanized Pepe H-NP will be coming with own AI-generated name!

Does humanization change the look of the original Neural Pepe (NP)?

No. Humanized Pepe (H-NP) is going to be a separate NFT collection, but the H-NP ID you mint is going to correspond to the ID of NP you’re humanizing.

Can I humanize my NP, if it’s already been humanized by the previous owner?

No. Each NP can have only one human clone

How many Human Pepe will ever exist?

Up to 7,777. Same as the amount of Neural Pepe

Where to buy Neural Pepe



Liquid floor price NPs

Liquid Collectibles

Marketplace Aggregator (+ stats)


Neural Jail


Rescue a random Neural Pepe from Neural Jail for 1.5 BNB or swap your NP for a random prisoner for just 1000 $AI

Where to buy $AI?

🐵 ApeSwap AI/BNB pair: https://app.apeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0x7b617145ECE988b864Cd12f67476C24903f605a9

👳‍♀️Dex Guru Analytics: https://dex.guru/token/0x7b617145ECE988b864Cd12f67476C24903f605a9-bsc

👁 Bog Finance: https://charts.bogged.finance/0x7b617145ECE988b864Cd12f67476C24903f605a9

Recommended Slippage: 6% (otherwise your tx might get reverted)


Website: https://neuralfrens.com

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/neuralpepechat

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/neuralpepe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeuralPepe

Discord: https://discord.gg/6TzD5tta




The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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Neural Frens

Neural Frens

The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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