Initial Pepe Offering

It’s just several hours left before the Initial Pepe Offering event. Here is a short recap of what is awaiting you:

IPO Starting Date: 12th of April, 17:00 UTC
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Starting price: 0.07 BNB per NFT
Purchase limit: 20 Neural Pepe per transaction (number of transactions is not limited)

Every Neural Pepe will come with 420 AI tokens + 420 AI more, if purchase happens before the reveal event. AI tokens will be claimable immediately and will be listed on Pancake Swap shortly after the IPO launch.

Neural Pepe Renaming will be available immediately, however you should remember you won’t be able to see how your Pepe looks like before the reveal event (26th of April).

Full pricing:

YouTube Stream

A couple of hours before the sale start we’ll launch a special IPO YouTube stream. There will be Easter eggs scattered around it. If you collect them all you’ll be able to assemble a seed phrase which will give you an access to a BSC wallet with a fraction of BNB on it. If you’re the first to obtain the access, just send this BNB to your own wallet and we’ll award you with a Neural Pepe NFT later!

YouTube stream will take place here:

Purchase Guide

1. Switch your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain

BSC uses the same wallet address standard as ETH, so if you have an existing ETH wallet, there is no need in creating a new one. You just need to switch you wallet’s network to the Binance Smart Chain and your address will remain the same.

Here are guides on how to do it on different wallets:

Binance Chain Wallet —

Metamask —

Trust Wallet —

Math Wallet —

2. Get some BNB

The easiest way to do it is buying some on Binance

Choose the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with BEP20 standard at the withdrawal. The Binance withdrawal fee is fixed 0.0005 BNB

3. Go to the Neural Pepe website and connect your wallet

4. Click “Get Pepe” button a choose the desired quantity in the pop-up window

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

6. Success! Find you Neural Pepe on the “My Collection” page


Learn more:



Telegram Announcement Channel:

Telegram chat:


Telegram bot:






The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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Neural Frens

Neural Frens

The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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