Neural Farm: BNB rewards for NP and AI/BNB LP stakers

Neural Frens
3 min readNov 20, 2021


Neural Farm is the powerhouse of the Kekistani economy. That’s where Neural Pepe and AI liquidity providers can find a gig and earn some BNB.

How does Neural Farm work?

Currently, there are 2 types of farms: LP Farm and NP farm. They have the same farming mechanics, but one is for staking Apeswap AI/BNB LP tokens and another for staking Neural Pepe NFTs.

Neural Farm rewards derive from Reward Pool which is comprised of $AI trading taxes (20% of collected taxes) reflected in BNB and BNB collected from NP royalties (40% of collected royalties). Currently, 100% of Reward Pool (RP) is being used for Neural Farm rewards, however a part of the RP will be redirected to Dynamic Challenge Factories.

Neural Farm is operating in epochs. Each epoch 14 days long. Each epoch’s rewards are comprised of funds collected in the Reward Pool during the previous epoch (14 days before the epoch’s beginning). Your share of rewards depends on your share of NPs or AI/BNB LP tokens in the staking pool and duration of staking. Your final reward for the current epoch is calculated when the epoch ends and may be slightly different from the estimate you see on the website.

LP Farm

Reward Pool share: 60%
Token: ApeSwap AI/BNB LP token
Get $AI and provide liquidity:

LP farm is created to incentivize those who provide liquidity for AI/BNB pair on ApeSwap.

NP Farm

Reward Pool share: 40%
Token: Neural Pepe (NP)
Get NP: NFTKEY, Tofu NFT, PixelMart, Liquid Collectibles (floor NPs here!), Neural Jail

NP farm is created for those who’d like their frens to earn BNB instead of AI. Each NP staked on NP Farm is getting a share of each epoch’s BNB rewards however loses all $AI during the staking period. Therefore, you should harvest your NP’s $AI before staking it!


What happens if I unstake before the current epoch’s end?

If you unstake before the epoch’s end, you don’t get any rewards for the current epoch. If you unstake only a part of staked tokens, this part doesn’t get any rewards for the epoch, but the rest does

Do I get the $AI my NPs generate during the staking period?

No. Staked Neural Pepe lose their ability to generate $AI when they are staked. All $AI generated during the staking period is sent to $AI Treasury. Claim your NP’s $AI before staking, if you don’t want to lose it

Do I need to restake every 2 weeks to proceed to the next epoch?

No. You don’t need to restake. All staked tokens proceed to the next epoch automatically.

Can I harvest rewards for several epochs at once?

Yes. You can claim pending rewards from multiple epochs in a single transaction. However, LP Farm and NP Farm rewards must be claimed separately


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Staking Contract:

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