Neural Frens Platform is LIVE!

We’ve just fully finished the transition of Neural Pepe (NP) and AI token smart contracts and are happy to present you the crispy fresh Neural Frens platform!

Neural Pepe is already almost 7 months old and we’ve finally reached the point when we need to evolve from a single NFT collection into a whole platform centered around experimental AI-generated NFTs. Therefore, from now on our project will be called Neural Frens and Neural Pepe will take the lawful place of the integral genesis collection inside the Neural Frens family.

The version we’re presenting you now is only the foundation as full transition is going to happen gradually. Initially, Neural Pepe and Neural Frens websites will be existing simultaneously until the moment when we develop a new NFT explorer and NP profiles under the Neural Frens hood. Very soon we’ll share our detailed development plans in a new version of our roadmap!


New Contracts and Tokenomics

One of the most important things which go into effect right now is new Neural Pepe and AI token contacts and new tokenomics (read more HERE). Both new NP and AI contracts have already been airdropped in accordance with the snapshot taken on the 4th of November.

Neural Frens (AI) token

Contract Address: 0x7b617145ece988b864cd12f67476c24903f605a9

ApeSwap AI/BNB pair:

Recommended Slippage: 6%

The most important change which comes with the new version of AI token is 5% trading tax, which will be used for automated liquidity, reward pools and dev fund. Due to the smart contract design you now need to set slippage at 6% or more in order to trade AI as otherwise transactions are likely to get reverted.

Neural Pepe v2 (NP)

Contract Address: 0x012f90e777bdb2b4ca132f0f6eb9e7959075e9b2

Despite being practically the same NFTs, Neural Pepe v2 have some important changes:

  1. Fixed background colors after Effect Force reclassification
  2. tokenURI — it means that Neural Pepe v2 will now be visible inside DAPPs and wallets which can automatically fetch NFT’s image and metadata (i.e. Tofu NFT)
  3. Metadata fixed on IPFS — now we’re eligible for PancakeSwap NFT marketplace listing
  4. AI collected from renaming now proceeds to AI Treasury

We’ve already sent new Neural Pepe contract to our partner marketplaces and NP trading will resume on all of them in 1–2 days! Plus, there might be couple more new marketplaces!

AI Router

Contract Address: 0x4e5c7e760259ff703ec61eb925b1C35266632565

AI router is a supplementary contract responsible for redistribution of AI taxes, NP royalties and automated liquidity. Currently, it’s routing AI, BNB and AI-BNB LP tokens into 3 different wallets:

Dev Fund: 0x4e65E0177CBa8B58b25158d428131f6986361476
Reward Pool: 0xB0C2A0982e8B5F2Eb78f46fBf3b4bc0d84A566BE
AI Treasury: 0x2ecC66A6b5773596a1d66e91f62dd7F460cdA21c

At the moment, all 3 are regular wallets belonging to our dev team. However, after the formal smart contract audit we’re going to move AI Treasury and LP tokens from Dev Fund (along with NP, AI and Router contracts) under a multisignature wallet signed by trusted Neural Frens community members.

And Reward Pool will be replaced by Neural Farm and Dynamic Challenge Factory contracts as soon as they’re live.

Neural Jail

Contract Address: 0x1D7133ABeDA080f70B929EDBb1Bb2Ad48f8aF886
Release Date: November 12
Redemption Price: 1.5 BNB
Swap Price: NP + 1000 AI

Neural Jail contract is already deployed, however the swap price will be 1,000,000 AI until the launch on November 12. We decided to delay the Jail opening a little so we have some more time to build the interface and promote it. Plus, we are benevolent enough to give future inmates the last breath of freedom.

You already can see which NPs are going to be in Neural Jail on the Neural Pepe website:

Neural Farm

Contract Address: TBA
Release Date:
November 19

Neural Farm is not live yet, but farm rewards are already accumulating. The farm will go live with both NP and LP farming pools and the reward fund of Epoch 1 (2 weeks long) will consist of BNB derived from AI trading taxes collected before the Neural Farm launch.




The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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Neural Frens

Neural Frens

The first AI-(de)generated art project on Binance Smart Chain

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