Neural Frens: v2 Tokenomics Launch Schedule

The new tokenomics and Neural Frens platform launch is right around the corner! Smart contracts are ready and sent to audit and will undergo the final community testing this weekend!

It means that if no force majeure occurs, we’re transitioning both AI and NP to v2 versions next week!

Here is the schedule:

  1. $AI liquidity will be removed from AI/BNB pool on ApeSwap
  2. NPs will be temporarily delisted from all current marketplaces (or trading will be deactivated)
  3. Snapshot of all NP holders and $AI holders will be made (including unclaimed $AI balances)
  4. As currently some $AI liquidity is stuck on PancakeSwap v1 (LP tokens are contractually locked for a year), we’re going to sell $AI to this pool in order to rescue most of BNB stuck in there
  1. NPv2 and AIv2 will be deployed and airdropped to respective holders in accordance with the snapshot
  2. AIv2 liquidity pool will be created on ApeSwap (at approximately the same rate as before November, 4th)
  3. NP trading will resume on all marketplaces
  4. Neural Frens launch
  1. Remove $AI liquidity from DEXes (if you’re providing any)
  2. Remove your bids on NPs from NFT marketplaces
  3. Don’t trying buying or selling NPs and $AI during the 4th of November till v2 aidrop

Not really. We’ll be calculating both active and pending (unclaimed) balances. If you have both, you’ll just get a total sum of them in AIv2

No, they’ll just be airdropped to your BSC wallet

Yes. It will be exactly the same NFT. The only difference is that NPv2 will have a tokenURI and after locking metadata on IPFS we’ll be able to apply for PancakeSwap NFT marketplace listing. Also, transition to NPv2 will let us keep recording NP names in v2 contract in exchange for AIv2 tokens. Misprints corrected using Effect Force will be implemented in the v2 version.



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